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Good day LVM Track clients and partners! Have you been busy this month? It’s not just us right? This month we introduce some system updates and new features. A lot of these features will save you time. Dig in and spend 3 minutes reading this month’s update newsletter!

Maintenance Module/Fleetrun

Adding custom field to a service list

You can add custom field to a service list and see the value of custom fields for several services at once without opening each service.

You will find the new column with a custom field name:

  • on the Services page (Upcoming, In progress, Archive tabs);
  • on the Units page (Upcoming, In progress, Archive tabs);
  • in the .csv tab.

Maintenance Module


Adding custom fields for service import

On the Import service page, you will see:

  • the new Custom field section provided that at least one custom field has been created in the vehicle fleet;
  • the Custom field name dropdown list.

Services will be imported with the specified custom fields, which means that the imported services data will be more complete. You won’t have to spend your time to manually filling in custom fields after imports.

custom fields for service import


Increasing text limit in notifications

We changed the character limit in notifications from 500 to 1,000 on the notification tab in the administration panel. Since the character limit has been increased, you can create more informative messages to share with your team and don’t have to summarize or shorten your messages anymore.


Removing restriction for email duplicates in notifications

Our new feature enables you to send different type of notifications to the same email addresses. Previously you only received the same type of notification corresponding to the email addresses. You can now specify use the same email addresses and different notifications will be sent to the same email addresses.



Useful new Feature! Estimated and actual routes

In reports, display of estimated and actual routes on the map has is more user-friendly. You’ll see a new option for displaying estimated and actual routes on the map. See the reference screen shot here.


If there is a discrepancy between the estimated and actual mileages in the report, you can click the display button and see the route tracks on the map. Click the order icon on the map, and you’ll see detailed information about the selected order.

Logistics 2

With this feature, you can analyze information of the specific route and figure out why there is a discrepancy between the estimated and actual mileages.


Custom fields in orders

Custom fields can help you do in-depth analysis. We added a feature which creates custom fields with additional details. You can add and remove the added custom fields. You can edit these values at the planning stage in active and planned routes.

The added fields are located in a separate field in the order creation/modification dialog.

Custom fields in orders

By utilizing the display of custom fields in the orders table, you can see the necessary data at a glance to evaluate your planning process.


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