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Good day LVM Track clients and partners. We are excited to share our first LVM Track monthly updates newsletter. Each month we will release a brief overview of important new features added to LVM Track. We add new features and enhancements every month!

Make sure to check out a very cool product featured in our Product Feature of the Month section! A new Thermal A.I. screening camera.



Our Tracks tool is a great way to get summary data for 1 vehicle. It clearly shows the vehicle’s trip for the day with all relevant data. When running a group report it wasn’t as easy to isolate a single trip from a single vehicle. You can now hit the little Eye Icon and the trip for the selected vehicle will be highlighted in red on the map. The map will also center on the selected trip. This is a very handy tool. Try it out today!

trip report



locator1Are you familiar with our Locator Tool? This is a great feature that a lot of customers don’t realize is even there. You can share a vehicle location with anyone outside of your company. Think about your clients, contractors, etc. You are in full control the entire time. You can set the link to expire whenever you want!  It’s very easy to use and powerful to boot. Try it out today!


Click on your username at the top right of LVM Track. Select Locator and the rest is easy.


locator4What’s new?

Locator now remembers your map view preferences and settings when you re-access the link. Say you connected on your mobile phone and went back later to look at the vehicle location again.  Locator now remembers you were on mobile, what settings and preferences you used, etc.




mobile app1


Our Mobile app comes free with LVM Track. Every user of our platform has access to it. Simply download it from the Google Play store Here or from Apples App Store here. Login with the same username and password.

You can do almost everything in the mobile app that you can in LVM Track. It’s pretty cool and very easy to use!


Ignition on the History tab

We’ve added ignition data to the History tab to easily understand when a vehicle is parked or idling and consuming unnecessary fuel.


Create Geofences

Long press anywhere on the map and a little pop-up gives you the option to Create a Geofence or navigate to that spot.

mobile app2


Copy & Share Notifications

Tap and hold any notification in the app. It will get copied to your clipboard so you can quickly and easily share a notification with a driver, other Manager or customer.

mobile app3


New Custom Fields

You can now add additional data to a service job or schedule with custom fields. With this addition you can store extra info on your maintenance jobs.


  • The mechanic’s name, garage name;
  • Invoice number;
  • Payment Method: on warranty, direct bill, corporate card;
  • The vehicle’s color and model, etc.

Please note that custom field values can be entered manually or predefined, i.e. selected from a list compiled in advance by the fleet administrator.


New report type by custom fields

If at least one custom field is created in the fleet, you will find the option “By custom field” in the report type.


Adding custom fields to current reports

For added flexibility and simplicity, we’ve added custom fields to all reports in Maintenance+.




Public & Private Buildings, Retail, Healthcare, Public Spaces, Transit

This A.I. Thermal camera is great for any business looking for COVID-19 & automated employee management tools.

  • Time & Attendance Management
  • Pre-screening before entering the building
  • Facial recognition & Reporting
  • Works with access control technology


Use Case Example – Fever Screening Implemented in US Hospitals

Fever detection has always been important to reduce the spread of viruses. With COVID-19 fever detection solutions have become more and more important. Today the United States has the largest infection rate globally. As a result, many hospitals have implemented this thermal camera. Built based-on a powerful AI chipset and advance algorithms, terminals provide full protection to hospitals in the US. The device can detect face ID and forehead temperature within seconds and can greatly speed up entrance efficiency compared with other products.

AI thermal detector

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