GPS Fleet Management

Fleet Management

A global GPS Tracking & Fleet Management platform.

A global GPS Tracking & Fleet Management platform brought to you by a local Canadian business. We provide solutions for all business of all sizes.

GPS fleet tracking software

Vehicle Tracking

The Vehicle tracking platform that we provide is one of the world’s most advanced. The platform has over 3.4+ million active devices today and growing. With over 2000 device partners and 800+ companion solutions available, we have the hardware and the solution for your business. We meet 99% of all business needs as it relates to Fleet Management and vehicle tracking.

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The most comprehensive GPS Fleet Tracking Software

Key Features

Advanced reporting

Fully customizable with multi element calculations.

Route optimization

Providing more accessible search of locations and better route building.

Live vehicle tracking

With real-time GPS, you can see exactly where a truck is located on a route at any moment.


Automate your dispatch by Importing jobs or use our API to integrate with your application.

Vehicle maintenance

A powerful dashboard to plan, control, and manage costs of vehicle maintenance.

Driver behaviour management

Reduce on the job vehicle accidents by up to 98% with effective driver behaviour management.

Fuel management

Optimizing fuel expenditure and ultimately saving you money.

Multiple map options

GPS tracking navigates you to the best and shortest routes for your vehicles.

Asset/Trailer Tracking

Keeping track of your high value assets doesn’t need to be complicated or costly. At LVM, we make asset tracking simple. We deliver easy to use Asset Management solutions all in one convenient, powerful platform

Whether you have non-powered or powered assets, cargo or inventory, we have a solution for you. We leverage next generation wireless networks, hardware, and sensors all seamlessly integrated into the LVM application.

asset tracking
Essentials of intelligent tracking

Key Features

Sensor support

Temperature, humidity, pressure and other sensors support.

RFID-enabled solutions

Various RFID-enabled solutions.

GPS Tracking

GPS Location and Breadcrumb

Travel History

Detailed landmark history of asset movements and sensor values.

Mobile Apps

Native iOS and Android mobile apps.


Trigger-based alarms and notifications.

Advanced Reports

Powerful report-building tools.

Advanced Dashboard

A simple and easily accessible Dashboard

Flexible Hardware Options

AL11_1 Hardwired


as11 battery

Battery Power

Queclink GV600


TLP solar

Solar Rechargeable Devices

ELD Compliance

ELD by LVM (Apollo) is fully certified and compliant per the Canadian mandate, as well as in the USA (DOT/FMCSA Certified) and Mexico rulesets. As one of the first certified solutions, it ensures that your fleet stays in compliance while providing a simple, easy-to-use application for your drivers.

As per Transport Canada, the Canadian ELD mandate came into effect in June 2021, with a delayed enforcement date. This “grace” period is the ideal time to roll out a certified ELD for your fleet and provide your team ample time to get comfortable using an ELD before full enforcement comes into effect.

ELD compliance
Go paperless and stay compliant

Key Features

Easy HOS Logs & Driver Analytics

Automated IFTA & DVIR Reports

Speeding, Idling & Violations Alerts

Maps & Geofences: Track Your Fleet

Dispatch, Engine Report & More

24/7 Support In Three Languages

Fully Certified – Canadian Mandate & FMCS


Fully Certified ELD Compliance

A fully certified ELD solution in Canada (Transport Canada) and in the USA (DOT/FMCSA).

Lower ELD Compliance Costs

Leverage a more efficient and effective way to eliminate additional paperwork by using electronic DVIR reporting. Optimize your processes in the field.

Prevent Violations and improve safety

Drivers will be aware of remaining driving/duty time and alerted before a violation happens.

Video Telematics

Connected Dash Cams (A.I.)

Dash cameras have become a necessary tool for businesses with vehicles on the road. By using LVM’s connected Dash Cam solutions, you automatically decrease risk and liability + proactively increase driver safety.

LVM offers a wide range of dash cam solutions in various form factors to fit any need, from passive cameras with local onboard data storage to live integrated cameras with web storage.

With the latest A.I. Dash Cam technology, LVM can also help you to identify and curtail unsafe events such as driver on the phone, driver fatigue, smoking, lane change alerts, proximity alerts, collision, and more.

Advanced Video Telematics

Videos are automatically recorded and uploaded to the cloud based on violations and user-defined critical events, providing a full picture for you and your driver’s protection. Live view at any time to audit driver behaviour or witness an important drop-off. Our tool provides notifications, historical videos, and even advanced functionality for coaching and archiving.

Connected cameras save time, decrease costs, and take the risk out of video management. With many flexible camera options available, we have a solution to meet and business needs. LVM supports the industry’s largest selection of connected Dash Cameras. From easy-to-install compact A.I. cameras to expandable MDVR variants that support up to 8 cameras per device, we help you protect your drivers, your vehicles and your valuable cargo.

All-In-One Driving Recorder Designed for Safe Driving


Best A.I. Accuracy

Intelligent identification of vehicles, lanes, and traffic conditions via ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistant System) which has 97.07% A.I. accuracy. Effective predictions on driving hazards such as tailgating, forward & pedestrian collision, including lane departure.

Simplified Installation

The best dashcam solutions are fully installed and tamper-resistant.  LVM maintains this functionality, but has drastically simplified installation time and lowered the cost in the process.

Flexible Solution

LVM’s latest A.I. Dash camera solution gives you everything that competing Dashcams provide, with much more.  Intelligent Driving Assistance, a great vehicle tracking solution, and automated videos uploaded to the cloud, and your inbox for quick and simple video review.

Highest Resolution

The first 5 Mega Pixel Lens in the industry combined with wide viewing angle, and exceptional A.I. performance.

Resolution: 5 Mega Pixel | Wide Angle 2.8mm | Long ADAS Detection Range: 70m

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