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Preventing community spread of COVID19

A.I. Thermal Detector with FR Access Control & Time Attendance System

As COVID-19 becomes serious all over the world, the demand of thermal detector has been an urgent demand in order to detect the potential infected people.
For prevention of COVID-19, LVM Tech's New A.I. Thermal Detector with Time attendance system using the latest A.I. chipset, a large thermal sensor array, and industry best algorithms, providing cutting-edge face recognition and body temperature detection, with ability to detect wearing a mask.

LVM Tech A.I. Thermal Detector

Fastest detection speed optimizing operation and waiting time

Longer detecting distance to eliminate physical contact


Accurate temperature detection generating reliable results

LVM Tech latest A.I. Thermal Detector is the most ideal solution in the market to detect body temperature and identify the potential infected. It is equipped with an advanced A.I. chipset and sophisticated algorithm, which tremendously boosts the detecting speed and temperature accuracy beyond the market average products. The specialized double-size sensor array empowers it to recognize faces with an accuracy of 99.9%, and it is able to precisely recognize objects even with masks.

Multi Function & Unique Technologies

Fleet management

Face ID Access Control

Facial recognition distance of up to 1 meter, for a height range of 1.4m to 1.9m.

Fleet management

Time Attendance System

Building the attendance and access-control plan for registered staff.

Fleet management

Human Body Temperature Detection

High accuracy body temperature within 0.05 seconds.

Fleet management

Powerful A.I. Chipset

With ISP technologies, powerful imaging to reduce shadowing resulting in millisecond recognition.

Fleet management

Auto Forehead Identity

The worlds best A.I. chipset and algorithm to detect foreheads.

Fleet management

A+ Algorithm

Powered by the best Algorithm, it can recognize people with a mask and can detect people without masks, then push alerts.

Fleet management

Human Detection

With dual-lens cameras capturing, it can detect the difference between humans and pictures.

Product Highlight

fast detection


A.I. algorithm automatically locates the person’s forehead and 50ms temperature + 200ms face recognition measurement.



Wide dynamic range up to 120dB, the best antti-backlight

  • 0.3m ~ 1.2m forehead body temperature detection.
  • 0.5 ~ 2m face recognition.

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forehead temperature


±0.2 ° C forehead temperature detection 99.9% Face recognition: the best solution for access control and time attendance system.


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