The Most Comprehensive GPS Fleet Tracking

GPS Fleet Tracking

GPS fleet tracking enables you to monitor your fleet and get valuable information about driver activities such as driving behaviour and harsh driving events, which can increase wear and tear on your vehicles as well as create unsafe situations for your drivers.

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GPS Tracking Key Features

Route optimization

Providing more accessible search of locations and better route building.

Live vehicle tracking

With real-time GPS, you can see exactly where a truck is located on a route at any moment.


Automate your dispatch by Importing jobs or use our API to integrate with your application.

Driver behaviour management

Reduce on the job vehicle accidents by up to 98% with effective driver behaviour management.

Fleet Maintenance & Fuel

A powerful dashboard to plan, control, and manage costs of vehicle maintenance and optimize fuel expenditure.

Improve Driver Safety & Performance

Save Time & Money

Maximize Vehicle Utilization

Improve Customer Experience